Speaker on Photovoltaics: Henri Mariette

Henri Mariette graduated from the french engineering School ESPCI-Paristech. He started his research in the field of semiconductor physics, and got his  PhD from the Université Paris VI in 1981 on « Band structure and disorder effects in III-V semiconductors alloys layers prepared by epitaxy”. As postdoctoral years, he spent one year at the Max Planck Institut for solid state physics in Stuttgart (Germany), and then two years with IBM in San José (California) and Yorktown –Heights (New-York). In 1986, he became a CNRS researcher at the Laboratoire de Spectrométrie Physique, University of Grenoble-France, before to joint the CEA-CNRS group “Nanophysique et Semiconducteurs” in Grenoble. He works there on the growth by molecular beam epitaxy of II-VI and III-V semiconductor heterostructures and nanostructures exhibiting specific properties: particularly photonic source with quantum dots, and diluted magnetic semiconductors. Recently he started to study semiconductor nanostructures with type-II band alignment for photovoltaics

Since 2005, he is the head of the CEA-CNRS group in Grenoble. He has published more than 300 peer-reviewed articles. He is teaching at the university J. Fourier (Grenoble) and advised 15 PhD thesis.

His presentation: II-VI nanostructures, with type-II band alignment, for photovoltaics

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2 thoughts on “Speaker on Photovoltaics: Henri Mariette

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