Speaker on photovoltaic cells modeling: Xavier Blase

After a Ph.D with Prof. S .G. Louie in the Physics Department at UC Berkeley, and a postdoctoral stay at EPFL Lausanne with Pr. Roberto Car, X. Blase joined the French CNRS in 1996 in Lyon. He is now Director of Research in the Theory group at Institut Néel in Grenoble, and head of the French CNRS network (GDR CoDFT) devoted to fostering methodology and application of ab initio simulations. His research interests are the understanding thanks to quantum simulations of the properties of condensed matter systems, from the growth mechanisms, electronic and transport properties of pristine/functionalized nanotubes, to the phonon-mediated superconductivity of doped silicon or diamond. He is now studying organic photovoltaic systems, working on an efficient implementation of many-body perturbation theories (the Fiesta code) for the electronic and optical (excitonic) properties of molecular systems. X. Blase has published over a hundred peer-reviewed articles gathering above 6300 citations.

Many-body perturbation theories for organic photovoltaic solar cells:

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