Speaker on energy storage modeling: Alejandro Franco

Prof. Franco is heading the Modeling Group (Fuel Cells, Electrolyzers, Batteries) (3 permanent researchers, 1 visiting research scientist, 3 postdoctoral researchers, 7 PhD students, 2 MSc. students) at the Laboratory of Components for Fuel Cells and Electrolyzers and of Modeling (LCPEM) at CEA-LITEN in Grenoble, France. His research activities concerns the development of deep understanding of physical electrochemical processes and materials science through the use of multiscale modeling approaches and numerical simulation, applied  in the fields of electrochemical power generators such as  PEMFCs, PEM Water Electrolysers, Li-Ion batteries and supercapacitors. He is the inventor of the multiscale simulation package “MEMEPhys®” of electrochemical systems, being currently used at CEA-LITEN. He is author of 29 patents in the field of fuel cells and electrochemical devices, and his work has been published in several scientific publications in international journals and conferences, 3 book chapters, 32 invited talks in international conferences and workshops, and 12 invited lectures in first class universities and research institutes in foreign countries (e.g. Stanford University, National Research Council of Canada, Max Planck Institute of Stuttgart…). He edited, by invitation, 1 international book on the topic of PEMFC materials aging, and he is the organizer of 4 international symposia on the topic of modeling of electrochemical devices within the International Society of the Electrochemistry. Prof. Franco is also Guest Editor of the journal Electrochimica Acta since July 2011 and is member of the project evaluation committee of the French National Research Agency. In 2005, he was finalist for the Young Scientist Award from the International Society for Solid State Ionics. He has been/he is also working package leader or coordinator of several ANR, EU and CEA-industry bilateral projects. On September 2010 he obtained the French “HDR” diploma (accreditation to supervise research).

His presentations:

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